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Old 01-17-2012
ob3517 ob3517 is offline
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Default fist swimming

Another benefit of fist swimming or swimming with the fistgloves is that you can not push down with your hands to raise your head to breath, so you are forced to extend for air.

After a while your stroke starts to feel comfortable even though you are swimming with a closed fist!!
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Old 01-17-2012
Butiki Butiki is offline
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Originally Posted by westyswoods View Post
There have been several previous post about the use of fist gloves. The general consensus has been, using a closed fist is a good if not better than fist gloves.

When first starting TI I used them and did not like them for the following reasons.

1. They are not very durable and will tear easily.
2. Are difficult to done and make it difficult to use aids.
3. Will force you into a tight fist. Not muscles driven but does causes severe
4. Do not allow for different hand finger positions while swimming. I like to
start with fist then progress to index finger then index middle and so on
until get to full hand maybe even work down to see and feel difference.
5. I like swimming with a relaxed closed fist, see #3.

I have found the use of a closed relaxed fist works best and allows for much greater versatility. Coach Dave from MN put me on to using using, small rubber duckies. Hold the duckies but don't kill them, gentle is the buzz word.

IMHO they are not worth the cost, when the alternative is more useful.

Swim Silent and Be Well
I agree up to a point. I have to agree that they're inconvenient. Doing anything that requires fingers is almost impossible (caps, noseclips, water bottle, etc.) and taking them off and on is not the easiest thing in the world. And of course, they won't allow you to do the finger positions drilling.

However, unlike Westy, I find my closed fists are actually more relaxed with the fist gloves on. I don't have to consciously make an effort to close my fists - the gloves do that for me. By their nature, they won't allow my fingers to unfurl, allowing my mental focus to shift elsewhere. In effect, my fists are more relaxed inside the gloves. Without them, I find my forearms more tensed due to the constant reminder that my fists need to be closed, no matter how I try to relax my fists.

Secondly, the sensitivity factor. Without gloves - you still feel the water flowing around your fists as you stroke. With gloves - it feels like your arms end at your wrists, the feel for the water is gone. Going back to regular swimming, the sensitivity is much more heightened with the fistgloves.

However, I must admit, there are days the inconvenience of using fistgloves turns me off on them. If only they were easier to put on or remove.
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Old 01-17-2012
johnny.widen johnny.widen is offline
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Default Index Finger Swimming

Check out the following thread
where Terry recommends index finger swimming
My Total Immersion Story
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Old 01-20-2012
JustinD JustinD is offline
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You can also use PT paddles. I have found them pretty good.
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