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Old 08-19-2017
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Default Help, Endurance Sags at 50 yards

Almost a year ago, at age 64, I started swimming again, and this time chose to learn TI. Take my word for it, I've read and posted to the Forum, I've seen repeatedly many of Coach Terry's videos and lectures, and Coach Shinji's videos, including his brand new YouTube series on "Graceful Swimming", as well as Tim Ferriss' TI endorsement vid, and the one thing that continues to elude me in my indoor swimming routine is endurance. I don't use a Tempo Timer. Maybe some of the members can bear with me on this and offer thoughts:

Regrets, I don't have a video, but I'm 6 feet tall and breathe only on one side, and what seems to happen to me is that my first 25 yards of the swim session, I have my form together, my hips are propelling me forward, I can do 19 SPL and it takes me about 25 seconds. That's within Coach Terry's "Green Zone" chart for my height.....

....HOWEVER, on the return 25 yards, by mid-way, about 37 yards of cumulative swimming, I feel that my hips are no longer pushing forward with the same vigor to give my arms the help they need to propel me forward, and suddenly, I find that on my return 25, I do about 23/24 SPL. PLUS, I'm tired already! My time for 50 yards is about 55 seconds. I don't have any hip problems, and a lot of my aerobic and dumbbell strength training/stretching exercises I do daily have to do with making the hips do the work. My return hand underwater is not rigid, it's flexed so that I don't sap my strength on pulling the water (that was a problem area for a while).

....Rather than stop at the wall after the 50, I try to do backstroke lengths or sometimes TI-inspired breaststroke (12 SPL) until I feel I'm ready to resume freestyle. My swim sessions last about 30 minutes and lately I've been trying to do them daily. I'm just bummed about not having endurance to go freestyle beyond 50 yards.

Breathing: I tend to breathe every switch on the return 25, but on the first 25 I can hold my head underwater for a few switches. I do have that "laser beam for the head" TI concept in my brain. In fact, I have a lot of TI concentration in my brain as I swim; as Coach Terry likes to say, just focus on improving your next stroke.

Any thoughts on my losing TI propulsion form after about 37 yards, and how to build endurance? Many thx for your response!
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