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Old 08-06-2017
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Thank you 2 (Zenturtle and Danny) for the advice.
I read further thing on the matter as well as watching vids from various physical therapists.
I've yet to stick to a given routine which is a bad thing... but I try to stretch and exercise in different manners.
My shoulder are more externally rotated now (back to a more neutral proper position) I also work my forearms and wrists so I can rotate externally my shoulder while rotating internally the forearm. It is obvious but as the shoulders are not properly positioned the forearm in turn as to adapt. I suspect lots of elbows and wrists (from muscles, to nerves) are aggravated by the shoulders positions.
I try to reduce some light scapular winging.
Overall I'm discovering a lot about me and others doing so. The more I dig for myself the more issue I see with others and I'm not speaking about swimming techniques. Quite some of people have I suspect slight "lateralization" issues among other things. Clearly waters shift perceptions but it is also showcased natural bias (/psycho-motor miss wiring ). It is funny to notice that people with various sport background (by their silhouettes) are equally affected. That tells me that healthcare is not doing its job, especially in our early years as ALL those issues are quite easily fixed through proper exercises (and simple ones). Educational systems seems to fail to integrate those very basics functions of exercising and gym. It is sad because under development in motor skills affect intellect as well as emotional development: lots of potential is wasted hidden within people that are functional (or more) nonetheless.

Among the discovering my "good" shoulder is actually "worse" than my bad one, more internally rotated, less scapular mobility and overall whereas more "solid" (no injury, stable) it behave in a less functional manner. So of late my swim session have turned more into physical therapy.
I do few front crawl when I do I focus on extension and reach working on proper shoulder alignment and position and well as putting the scapular in "pro-traction" (if I get the wording right).
I do the same with breaststroke as I realize that my out-sweep is awfully asymmetric (my shoulder are not rotated the same way), I simply push both arms forward (more like a butterfly arm entry position) and then the in-sweep. Same thing as above.
Lots of backstroke: I focus on arm alignment and keeping both shoulder properly during the underwater portion of the movement. The hand/arm entry is doing me a lot of good as it put my shoulder to work in a nice way and force me to also work on the thoracic flexibility as the arm sink into the water and the torso rotate.

I practice butterfly stealthily a couple moves here and there at the beginning of the length focus on quality work. I spend lot of time working dolphin kick and undulation. I think I've improve slightly lately, I leverage my buoyancy in a more and more relaxed manner. I start to ease into it.

I pass on timing myself as it would create incentive for me to go faster than I should at the moment.
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