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Old 01-11-2017
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Default Masters swimming clubs


Is anyone else here swimming in a masters swim club in addition to their Total Immersion program?

I have been a little while now and quite enjoy it in a masochistic way. It seems to be the polar opposite of TI. Everything is fast and furious, very little rest, very little input on technique but it really seems to help swim fitness because of it.

I'm pretty slow in a club environment (adult onset swimmer) compared to the other guys but because of my TI background I notice I seem to do well at things like 'long stroke' and catch up drills compared to the others and training sets where we try to reduce the number of strokes per length by 1 each length until failure. I also do these with a light 2 beat kick whereas the others are trying to maximise distance per stroke with a propulsive 6 beat kick. (When we are swimming normally and not doing a drill coach insists on 6 beat kick from me though.)

I sometimes wonder if it is really that helpful to my development or if I'd be better solely focusing on TI but as my local TI coach moved away it's all I've got locally. I guess the upcoming 2017 race season will answer that question.

In my training schedule I consider it a fitness workout and a chance to obtain some different tools for the toolbox come race day.

Anyone else swimming in a masters club setting. Is your experience similar to mine and did it help or hinder your swimming?
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