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Quick update - I've been practicing a lot in the last 3 months and my speed improved significantly. I went from 2:05-2:10/100m to 1:52/100m (for 500m).

But when I look at my stroke video, it seems like there is still a lot of improvement. I would love to hear your feedback on what I should focus on next.

Here is my new stroke video.

This was my stroke video from Feb/Mar

In the last 3 months, I focused on 2 things - head position and high-elbow catch. I think I made significant improvements to the head position but high elbow catch still seems elusive.
Its all there mate, but.....OVER ROTATING!!!!

half of that will do

about 45degrees max

also think of both arms as one

so link them underwater & topside

slow it right down like slow motion and feel the connection
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