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Originally Posted by jconneely View Post
I see these have anti-fog, is spit and rinse still the best way to clear fog when it does happen? Or by rubbing the interior of the lense does one damage the anti-fog properties?

Iíve had the Aquasphere Seal Mask. Like most good quality swim goggles / masks, they have an anti-fog coating; but the anti-fog coating will eventually wear off. When you start using it, just rinse it off with fresh water after each use. The anti-fog coating should last for a few months. When you start to notice the mask start to get foggy, itís time to apply either spit or, my preference, Johnson Baby Shampoo. I keep a trial size bottle (.99Ę) Johnson Baby Shampoo in my swim bag. I apply the shampoo on both sides of the lens and rinse. The kids in my pool are always asking to borrow my bottle of Johnson Baby Shampoo to coat their swim goggles / mask.

Spitting is cheaper, but some people might find it objectionable if youíre using a big load of spit in a public swimming pool.
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