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I'm not sure I will answer this right but here goes.

I can't relate b/c I think by the time you have say a million yards under your belt all these things just start to happen. I think I'd drown if I analyzed myself that much honestly or I wouldn't want to swim. I still look at swimming as a sport, sure it's skill, but I let the athlete in me take over in many respects. Rhythm and flow are what tell me if things are in order. My 'stroke thought' is push off, nail my balance point out of break out and let my rhythm for that set and effort level take over. Not that I don't think at practice I do it takes great concentration to hold it all together once the volume gets turned up. Stoke counting? Could not care less what it is my stroke is put together around rhythm and core driving the bus. So whether or not I'm warming up at 50 or racing hard at 80 it's all the same thought process I just speed up my core rotations and get myself ready to feel discomfort. Meaning my arm action is just along for the ride with what my rotations tell it to do I don't have to think about catch, pull or recovery. Breathing just happens as a result of my core rotation and when my blow hole is in the trough I gobble air.

Sorry I can't wrap my head around your observations. It doesn't make them any less valid or real I just can't go back in time 30 years and think about what I was doing when I started to take swimming seriously.

If I could offer one tiny piece of advice to put on your list somewhere. Don't forget swimming is a sport and let yourself be an athlete. In it's simplest form I like to think of my stroke as walking down the sidewalk on my elbows. That simple. That may also be b/c I'm a huge moron and that's all my pea brain can handle.

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