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Originally Posted by novaswimmer View Post
The push-off thing might be a good exercise, but I wouldn't get too discouraged if you don't meet a 'standard', since our bodies are all different. I am terrible at this push-off thing due to my extreme forwardly-positioned center of buoyancy. My legs sink quickly! Sinking legs cause drag, which prevents forward progress. I have not been able to overcome this (in a superman glide) by any special attention to posture.

I would think your mileage may vary also, depending on how deep the pool water is. If more shallow, say 3.5', you'll get more of a push with your legs and more velocity, therefore longer glide. If the water is deeper, say 4.5', you'll not have as much traction on the bottom to push with, so your glide will be less.

But I can still swim. Learning full stroke requires innumerable adjustments (by arms, kicking, etc) to attain horizontal position in the water...and gets even more complicated when incorporating breathing.
I agree that various body types would all have different results with this exercise. But the "thing" is to train ourselves to be as balanced as possible and also as flat as possible in the water. I think this is the best application of practice with the pull buoy..... to train the legs to be up higher. I too have legs that like to sink and for this reason I should be training them with the pull buoy during Superman Glides. I have been practicing vertical kicking more recently in hopes to kick more efficiently and with the goal of no knee bending. It is working! All in practice to become more efficient. But as a benchmark, my reaching the other end with 4 push offs (one from the wall and 3 from the pool bottom) was a sign of some improvement. I'll gladly accept any signs of improvement.

The pool I used for this is a 25M, 3 lane "training pool" which is shallow enough for this exercise. The competition pool goes from about 4 feet at the shallow end to 12 feet at the far end beneath the diving boards. Best efforts there are to give one push off the wall and one just before the slope become too great to reach.

Grant, I have friends from here (Bridgewater) who arrived in Rossland last week, for their winter skiing .... and they say the snow hasn't stopped yet. They are thrilled and expect another great winter in BC at Red Mountain (which doesn't open for a few weeks yet ).

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