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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
Most of us better not try to imitate this action to this extend, but the basic actions are the same wheter you spear deeper or not.
Its more about being aware of the basic movement pattern.
If you first copy this basic movement in less extreme angles and little water pressure the basic action is slowly wired in.
In this sense, and maybe far into the learning stage I agree with those who say dont pull, dont pull.
But learn this action without pulling first and decide later how far upfront and how much pressure you want to use later.

This is the first stage. Pulling hard only with the arm after this first action can be useless because the added traction on the water is too much to handle, resulting in dropping the elbow again after this promising start.
I agree. Just wanted to add one more thing: if one spears deep (say 40-45), does he miss some good water upfront to catch? Does he miss "the barrel" to catch over? Well, maybe not necessary: once you're done with the (deep) spear - possibly with elbow already pointing outward NOT down -, if you leave the hand there and focus on moving the elbow forward until the forearm is vertical, you basically have reached the same good catching position you'd have if you speared shallow and then let the forearm drop to vertical.

Two different paths that lead to the same place. Just spearing deep and then NOT moving the elbow forward would be missing good water to catch (as well as spearing shallow and start pulling when the forearm is still not vertical).

Personally I still prefer spearing a bit deeper and then moving the elbow forward during long and steady sets. For fast swimming I choose the other path.

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