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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
Hello Sclim,

Yes, you understood exactly what I tried to say :-)

Think it's not necessary to exhale exclusively through the nose. If you don't care of your facial muscles and let them relax, your mouth may be a little open. Just be aware water doesn't enter nose and mouth and don't mind some bubbles. Doing so should result in your strived "air trickle"...

Enjoy game and sound of the bubbles and you must not show a face like for an application photo...

Best regards,
That wouldn't be too bad. My "vacant" look looks merely stupid, not too bad, considering the circumstances.

But once I was practicing "Pop-Eye" mouth for breathing first left side, then right side, etc. while driving. I kept on doing it at a stop-light, and suddenly realized that the lady in the car beside me was staring at me. Luckily I wasn't doing it while leering at her.

Yes, thanks for reminding me about the sound of the bubbles, not just the sensation. I remember when I first learned the trick, it was the sound of the slow trickle of the bubbles that was the most helpful feedback in getting the trickle just right. Funny, but I had forgotten specifically to pay attention to that recently. I can't imagine why, seeing as how it was so helpful before.

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