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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post

what I found while working with students learnig to breathe, as ZT wrote, the more important part seems to be most possible relaxation in the upper body and arm(s) in front not so much the amount of held air. But soft, steady exhalaton with a face as "silly as possible" will be a great help for that.

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I interpret your meaning to be "with as neutral an expression" as possible, i.e. with as relaxed facial muscles as possible with minimal brain thought driving the facial muscles, as we trickle the air out through the nose.

I think I can get the "face as silly as possible" part -- maybe I'm doing it already, but I sometimes have a little trouble with the slow air trickle. I know I should not control the slowness by constricting the throat, so I'm good on that, but the need to be not too fast, not too slow maybe causes me to tense my breathing muscles (ribs/diaphragm) just a little, I think, sometimes.

Maybe I worry about it too much and I vacillate between not enough air exchange and not enough continuous buoyancy. The more I think about it, my problem has been paying so much attention to the process to see if I'm sinking more than I should, what my legs are doing, if I'm rotating too much to get air...etc. The best I've felt is some happy medium when I let the learned process just happen and I'm totally relaxed through the stroke and breathing cycle. But that happens comparatively rarely...*sigh*. I guess it's a process rather than an absolute "getting it".
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