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Agreed John! I saw Jai at the Coaches Summit last May. We had a few lake swims with all the coaches and Jai picked out an error in my left recover I've been struggling with for some time. The source of the problem was not the path of my recovery arm, but rather my left side extension - hyper extending from left shoulder added tension (to shoulder) causing me to lift a bit from elbow at recovery exit near hip triggering some instability in my vessel and shoulder discomfort. Jai told me just let gravity take my left arm to extension allow the shoulder to stay in its socket - don't over extend. This focus removed tension in my left shoulder, allowed my left recovery arm to easily swing away from the body (no more subtle elbow lift). And no more shoulder discomfort and find air much more easily off the left shoulder. Jai recognized the source of the recovery error within a few strokes and had an immediate and precise remedy for me to use. Nice!

Here's a photo of Jai "feet dry" standing on the Rocky French coastline and his crew too:

Correction: Jai's swim time 13:09 and only +20 mins from the overall relay time in 2014. Excellent!!
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