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Hello Joseph,

I see the following in your stroke:

a. Recovery is not driven by the elbows, looks like it is the hand and arm which control it. Elbows are not high enough, so you are not able to pierce the water at an angle using gravity to drop your hand into the water

b. As a direct consequence of this, I do not see much acceleration through the water. Looks like you gently position the arm at the surface instead of trying to generate some rotation driven speed forward

c. Hips and legs seem to zig-zag behind the body. Not sure why. Could be that the recovery hands cross the center line instead of staying on wide tracks. Have you tried swimming next to the pool wall and ensure your spearing hand/arm stay parallel to the wall and do not come inside?

d. I have a similar issue with c. I wonder if this can be due to the Catch/Pull hand not "pushing water back straight"

e. Stroke rate is indeed on the slow side. The problem is that even if you develop a good elbow driven recovery and good acceleration, the body ends up slowing down too much before the next spearing hand creates acceleration again. I notice that the best swimmers maintain a minimum speed between switches

I am skipping of course the GOOD things you have which you do not need to correct (excellent rythm, wide tracks, good balance, apparently great stamina if you can swim 32min with your current stroke)

Very interested to hear other posts because... my swimming style is similar to yours :) ALEX

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