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Default 00:25:00, 1500 m

hello everyone, I donīt live anywhere near a TI learning center, I donīt even live in the US ... I live in Honduras, so I got the EASY FREESTYLE DVD on amazon ... have been drilling for a few weeks, and today I made a video. the smallest number of strokes I can get in 25 mts is 15 which is an improvement to the 18 I did last time I checked 2 months ago.
As the title implies, i'm doing olympic tris and expect to be able to swim the 1500 mts in 25 minutes by november; currently I'm timing the 1500 mts in about 32 minutes.
As I watched the videos, I could identify several flaws in balance and form, but I think I'm starting to get the feel for a clean hand entry ... when watched from behind, I seem to be too wavy, and I lose the laser lead when I breath. I still do not feel the power from hip drive, and cannot as you will see, create a good 2 beat kick ... I keep doing that horrible scissor-like kick, which looks awful, but I don't know how to correct it ...
So, I would thank anyone willing to help me perfect my techinque with drill advice and tips.

watch the video

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