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Hmmm, I do agree the execution of the transition to swimming looks a bit upperbodydriven.Legs dangle a bit too much perhaps.
And also the up-down movement of the whipping legs lend itself better to higher strokerates perhaps.

But when i focus on the diagonal twisting drive from opposite leg to other side arm i always get some extra powerboost in my swimming.
Be it hipdriven ore more shoulder driven.
Dont you guys agree on that? And thats the main thing he is training.
Yes, absolutley its all about seimming from the trunk (core) inside out etc
these days i find myself morphing between hip driven & shoulder driven as i go along trying things out.

sometimes i favour the long lazy hip driven and other times i favour just pulling myself along with a fast shoulder driven turnover.

im torn between the great streamlining of the long FQS and the continious propulsion of shoulder driven / kayak style
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