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Default "TI Like"

Who said I did not like the 6 beat kick? Depends on the distance. But when I see replies from people on this thread a talking aboiut "unco" drills I question the integrity of the thread. I see you have been a contributor for a long time and that's great and thank you for that. But we know nothing about your credentials as a TI swimmer and it would be great if you coud share those to give your posts some context. Perhaps you did post them before and I missed them in which case I apologise but please do take the opportunity to share now.
For sure TI does seem to always appeal to people seeking to understand the phsysics like yourself. AS TI coaches we like to try and be the interface for people like yourself who undertand there is physics at work here.

and nice to meet you Zen Turtle ... great name by the way.

best regards


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