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Originally Posted by tony0000 View Post
(My sense is that intermediate TI swimmers are doing 25m at 17-18 SPL with stroke every 1.10 to 1.2 secs. What do others think?)
That's an interesting question, especially for those (like me) who are entirely self-coached (I did have one lesson with Dave Cameron a year ago, but no workshops). I'd like to compare myself to others sometimes just out of curiosity (and confirmation I'm on the right track). But I'm not sure your question can be answered without more details, especially about height, since that affects SPL dramatically.

I haven't used my TT in a while, but lately on good days I've been doing repeat 100 yd swims on 2:00 (swim time 1:40 or so) at 13 SPL, at an easy cruising feel. I consider myself intermediate-ish after years of self-coaching, but I'm tall.

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