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Default Advice appreciated

Dear TI-ers,

I picked up TI about a year ago but my progresss is slow because I don't get enough time in the water. I am an adult self-coached learner who picked up TI methods through your book and analysing TI videos on Youtube. I had a comfortable breaststroke but could not do freestyle at all.

I am currently doing about 19-20 strokes for a 25 meter pool on a 2 beater freestyle. And I really enjoy what freestyle has become after having learnt to swim the TI way (I hope it is the TI way).

I have two questions that I hope the TI community can help me with.

1. My lap times appear to be very slow. It takes me about 36 seconds to complete 25 meters. Is this normal? I have been stuck at this time for quite a bit.

2. Having injured my ankle a few weeks ago and torn a couple of ligaments, I was ordered to either stop swimming or to swim only with my arms (with legs trailing). As a result, I decided to continue swimming. I discovered that I could manage the same distance (25 meters) in about 22-23 strokes. Do the legs contribute such a negligible amount to propulsion? Or is there something wrong with my technique?

I would very much appreciate your views on these matters and suggestions for how to improve efficiency but also my time per lap.

Thank you all in advance.
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