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Originally Posted by dgk2009 View Post
I've always wondered about this so why not just ask,many times when I swim in the morning I have a feeling of wanting to belch but cant,is this a build up of co2 or am I eating too soon before I swim,it also makes me feel more breathless when I feel this way even after swimming.
Used to have the same problem when running - but possibly worse. It stopped when I didn't eat for 4 hours before a race - even 50 mile races. We have plenty of glycogen locked into our trained working muscles, our liver and our blood. Anything we eat just before exercise is not of much use (in spite of what the 'power' drinks marketeers would have you believe), can affect breathing and runs the risk of stomach upsets. Swimming seems more forgiving and I can eat a banana with a drink an hour before swimming without a problem.
I should also say we are very different in this, I have seen a man eat a meal and then be asked to stand in for another man in the National cross country championships three quarters of an hour later. It didn't seem to slow him down! When I spoke to him after, he said he had always been able to do it. I would have been very ill!

Martin T.
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