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Originally Posted by dekaying View Post
I'm getting ready for the NE Kingdom swim. I get thirsty and have tried a few ways to drink (non-lake flavored) water while treading water. The water flow was too slow and I found myself too breathless to suck on my camelback (which was on my Yaker's boat) and tipping a cup up (Tervis) proved difficult too while treading water.

Has anyone tried the runner's collapsible flasks (with or without the straw??) or can you share your favorite way to get water in, (and maybe even keep the burps of air to a minimum?!) Please don't tell me to drink the lake, I don't like it. Thanks.
You'll have a great time--I did the Kingdom 10-miler in 2015. I used bottles and drank from them, but that was a poor choice. It cost me time to open and close them each feeding.

I've decided for my next long swim that I'll have an open cup that my kayaker will hand me in a cupholder on a long stick. Then I can drink quickly, put the cup back, and not lose time. Sounds like the cup is not working for you, though?

Also, you will probably want something other than plain water--something with some calories/carbs in it, but not simple sugars like Gatorade. I fed every 40 minutes--have you decided on a schedule yet?

Good luck, and enjoy the swim. It's a great bunch of people with the NE Kingdom group.
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