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So far he's liking Masters and being exposed to some new things. He had become stale with progress and swim splits the past few years. As of right now he is swimming the fastest he's ever done short course workouts, but he's also quite tired as he's never worked this hard. I think he realizes picking up the speed the last month is almost purely stroke rate/kick based so for that he realizes it's not fitness or very little. I told him to give it a month b/c he makes any decision on stick with us or go another route b/c he's busting through a fitness wall right now. He's added a 6 beat and is at ~ 75 spm vs low 60's and 2 beat. Was barely making 2 minute send offs for 100 base work a month ago and made almost all of them yesterday. He realizes that doesn't equate to an open water swim split PR or an overall faster triathlon split, but he's fully ready to try a new approach. The proof will be in the puddin' when he races in about a month.
Why not? If he already had that base endurance developed, this new capability of higher pace intensity added on top will allow him to go faster over the 1.9/3.8 k than before, no?
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