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Originally Posted by ScoopUK View Post
You are absolutely right! I just had to watch a video to see if he really did and you are correct. Good spot. Never imagined an elite breathing like that.

My TI coach mentioned to me today about always having the option of taking another breath on the other side if I miss a breath so that's twice referenced in the same day having never heard of it before!

I have experimented with breathing every 3 in the middle of the pool and every 2 in and out the wall. Might try that again as I've got a couple of issues to iron out that a bit more symmetry might help with. Or even breathe to the left one lap, on the right the next.
Hi Scoop,

Yeah, Sun Yang doesn't want to go hypoxic off the wall and gets extra air before and after the turn, pretty smart. Occasionally you see him breathe on one's in the middle of the length too. He breathes mostly on twos off right shoulder, but easily breathes on one's whenever he needs it.

A good breathing practice, as well as establishing good head position is breathe on one's for a length. Breathing on one's your head never has time to be out of position :-)

Hey - who's your coach in UK, Jai, Keith, Tracey, or ...?
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