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One does not really know when novelties are gonna come to his life.
I read this post some days ago, but left it to have a second read later, as I thought I did not pay enough attention to catch up with all the information/new ideas given in it.

Then on Wednesday I went for a swim.
I usually swim in the sea, and because of the waves, I have to breath to my left for all the first part of my swim, then to my right all the way back.
This could be very well 750 m or 1.5 km each side (I have the possibility of coming ashore at those two distances, although lately I just rest floating faceup for a little while).

By doing so, I usually get up a little tight in my back and/or in my right shoulder, because or repetion of this same movement for so long. When this happens, I just change styles and swim breakstroke for a while.

I was so used to do this that I even do it while in the pool. All left... all right... and always breathing every two strokes. I was so sure I could not change that path...

Then on Wednesday I just began thinking about this post and realize that the sea was so calm that it was possible to breath to either side in any position, as there were almost no waves.

So I began experimenting and found out that breathing to either side whenever I needed was really a great experience. I just breath every three strokes, then every two, then every four and then in every try just to change and begin again. It gave me the possibility of enlarging strokes, align myself much better when not breathing for three, four or five strokes.
Also it was a good day to try that, as it was the first day of the season when I noticed an increased number of jelly fish, which I do not like anything to do with, although I know that I will hardly get rid of them for the whole summer and most likely I will have to use my anti-sting cream at least a couple of times, to say the less...

Thank very much for opening my mind...
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