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Originally Posted by Mariedut View Post
After a DNF halfway in a 10 km swim due to hypothermia in the 11 degree water, I tried to work out why it happened because I was not feeling the cold and was actually enjoying the swim a lot when I suddenly was dead tired and just wanted to turn on my back and drift for a while. (Not thinking straight any more?)

One of the causes might be not breathing enough and getting enough oxygen. I breath occasionally to the left (on every 3) and then to the right on every 4 strokes- more frequently the latter pattern. I take about 56 strokes per minute so have a long slow stroke.

Another mistake I made was to speed up my stroke rate thinking I could increase my metabolism and stay warm in the extreme cold conditions. This apparently might alsohave been a mistake
Thanks for the reply--nice to hear from someone who has done some distance swims in open water. My stroke rate is probably a touch slower than yours--maybe low 50s per minute.

The water is forecast to be in the low 70s F so I'm hoping cold won't be a big problem for me. We'll see in a few weeks, I guess!
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