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Take single snapshot peaks like a photographer. When your head is back in the water, process the memory of what your eyes just saw. Don't take movie-length films of what you saw. If you peek every 6/8/20 strokes, you can put the film together of where you are with as minimal an impact as possible on your balance. If you get good at it, then it affects your stroke like a breath - and you know how much better your stoke is when you don't breathe. Being able to sight to your buddy while breathing makes sense how it would help your balance. Much less forward looking / balance upsetting.

Tom, that visualization of taking a snap shot is really fabulous. I am still struggling with sighting and amazed at how long it takes to process visual information when I am in the water. Trying to make sense of what you I am seeing while looking at takes too long and screws up my stroke. I've found that I often need to think of a sighting as being 2-4 clips that my brain needs to string together, especially if I am trying to change my landmark. Can anyone report back on whether or not this improves with practice?
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