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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
Third: Dave, do you have special mini-FPs when focusing in the upkick? I didn't have in mind till now, but am working for a long time now and then on my kick, because I can not achieve the feeling, Terry describes in 2.0 Mastery, the constant pressure on the whole kicking leg. Do feel it only from knee downward. To feel it up to thigh I have to stiffen the leg and kick far out of streamline. Will see, if an extended upkick will helpt ot get this feeling
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Mini FPs ? Not sure what you mean ,Flippers ? Nope, but anyway I used to feel it much more from the knee down like you mentioned until I finally worked out better BALANCE ...BALANCE is the key . Now I can honestly say that my kick seems to originate a lot more from my core and glutes and my legs are more relaxed .I don't think a stiff leg or an extended up kick will really do much good but I guess it can give you an initial temporary feeling to aim for .


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