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I am not sure you need to add anything to the mission statement as is.

My recommendation is: think about what you are trying to accomplish by changing the statement.

The momentum behind TI is already in the direction of "making healthy choices and living well." I see nothing added by making this explicit. As someone else wrote, it may be perceived as condescending.

You may be trying to stake out a domain for TI that can be realized only through the individual's imagination. To say this another way: yoga or meditation can provide marvelous tools for a person, but the chances for the foundational change some people achieve through these practices are not enhanced by a teacher's promoting the practices in that way. You get the significant change just by doing the practice.

I guess this turned out to be a very personal statement about how I look at my swimming practice. Indeed, it has changed much in my life, providing "flow," among other experiences, which paradoxically may have been less readily accessible to me had I approached TI with the intention of gaining them.

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