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Thanks Stu. Just did another open session this morning. Wow, I felt like a cork bobbing on the ocean. Rough conditions but spurred on by the others I persevered.
Again, when I concentrated on stroke length, slower tempo, more grip I soared ahead and ended up passing folks who I usually cant keep up with even in these rough conditions, breathing every second stroke to only one side!!

The Tri clubs folks I swim with could really do with some of your input. I' am making some headway with some of them, sharing lots of TI videos. I wonder if you should join us for one of those swims instead or in addition to doing the cove and to get them interested in TI. They swim most mornings but I join them 7am Fridays and 8am Sundays.

I am not going to be available most of July. I can always hook you up with them in my absence if that's when you want to head out here otherwise we can look at August.


Coach Stuart McDougal knocking me into shape
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