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I too think you are being a bit hard on yourself. There are a lot of good things in your swimming, your stroke is connected and you have strong forward thrust.

I did notice that you appear to have pauses in your exhalation, although not easy to see with the video angle/ lens quality.

Small sized video cameras have improved a lot in the last couple of years.

The go pro hero seem to be very popular and versatile.

I have a similar model made by these guys it has 1080p res and works great.

I'm sorry you were disappointed with your Ti weekend but I'm not so surprised.

I think your interest level experience and curiosity in TI requires you to train with a master coach like Dave, Suzanne or Terry (Toby in the UK) as they will be able to answer your full list of questions.

I know if I were to sign up for a course now I would take this route.

Also, you like you're in your mid 40's in the pool video so it's all doing you good. Happy laps.
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