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Default Healing Heels . . .

[quote=igorner;33719]Hi all,

Although I have to go to my GP for the official word I'm thinking plantar fas.
My question to the forum is long is the usual recovery period, and am I correct in assuming that I can still swim and bike? Running will be "out" while I recover presumably.

Bad luck! As you have found, plantar fasciitis can be a very real pain. Recovery will take as long as it takes. It varies with the individual and the severity of the inflammation. You know how to treat it but if it has become chronic do also ensure that there is not an associated heel spur - a calcium spur between the calcanium (big heel bone) and the plantar fascia. If that were the case it might eventually need more drastic measures (even surgery). In the meantime, take a critical look at your running shoes and ensure you are getting both enough support and enough cushioning. A visit to a good podiatrist could be useful and I am sure a consultation with a professional sports specialist in Newfoundland (of the same standing as Suzanne Atkinson MD in the US) rather than your standard MD would be a valuable step(!).

I know that telling people like us to be patient is like telling a duck not to get its feet wet - but be patient and give it a chance!
Best wishes,

Martin T.
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