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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post
Thanks for this--I think that I have LOTS of room to gain in pushing hard in swimming like you say. I've done that in running and enjoyed HUGE successes, so I don't disagree with you at all. I am heading in that direction in my training this summer, and it'll be fun (in a weird, suffery kind of way).
I think it will pay off for you. As long as you can assess and say ok my shoulders aren't saying 'bad pain' just make it happen. 'Ok we know this sucks, but the payoff will come.' Be aware of where you are losing it so you can sense it coming on next time and nip it in the hiney b/f it destroys everything. Funny thing happens every time you push that bar up from a really challenging day it's at a higher point the next time. Uh oh, I'm swimming faster!
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