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Get that sorted out and the world is your oyster: focus on streamline and maintaining stroke length at all costs? Or maybe your fitness abilities are so good you can find a way to go even faster if you train to that new stroke rate even though you lose a little length? Test it in a controlled environment we call it 'the speed bump test'. Bump up fractionally the SR and have someone taking splits and stroke rate counts for at least a 50 and long course is best IMO. Notice perceived effort and you will figure it out. Have fun!
This paragraph is perfectly in line with TI training as I understand it; it all boils down to one truth: SPEED = SR x SL. There is no prescribed "correct" solution to that equation in TI, just the awareness that SR and SL are different aspects of swimming speed. So I think perhaps that some of the differences you are seeing are not TI vs. non-TI, but short pool racing priorities vs. other priorities.

Descending, I'd be very interested in hearing your reaction to THIS THREAD that I started to compare a higher-intensity traditional set I swam with a couple of very fit triathletes with a TI session I swam the next day.

My general take on this is, mindless intensity is no better (and probably worse) than non-intense mindfulness. But to really improve, you need both intensity and mindfulness. TI is great for mindfulness, and says nothing to limit people training with intensity. Although I can see how it may seem like TI does not push the idea of intensity, there are certainly LOTS of threads here about how to train in a TI/purposeful/mindful way that incorporates both TI priorities AND lots of aerobic/anaerobic intensity.
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