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Default Open Water back to Pool

I've swum in open water a few times per week for the last few months, having started the year in the pool. It took me a long time to adjust to my first OW swim, been swimming around 1hr 30 at a time, focus on technique and particularly balance to improve speed - and feels like it's working.
Anyway, today I jumped in a pool for 3500m (open air, but heated and clear so I could see the bottom) and I found it so much easier than previous to my open water work.
I swim with a full wetsuit in the lake, and in jammers in the pool.

It got me thinking - I reckon everyone could massively benefit from OW swimming - there's something about not being able to see the bottom, meaning you become even more focused on balance and the stroke.

Anyone agree or disagree with the above? I'd be interested to hear experiences of transitioning back and forth.

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