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Hello a16ksb,

Don't understand what you mean, sorry...

If you turn your chin together with the shoulder to your breathing side, you should be ready to inhale as soon as your mouth cleared the surface, and latest to turn your face back to neutral is, when you see your recovery arm. It's like a curtain turning your face back (latest, back to neutral earlier, your stroke will be disturbed less by breathing...)

Neither hold your air nore push your exhale (only in the last hundredth second before inhaling...)

What I think is really important in longer terms: Train your breathing on both sides. Be more aware to train your felt weak side a little bit more. It's not necessary to breath alternating. One lap right side, next lap left side... and sometimes an extra lap on your weak side will be OK.

If you don't imprint breathing on both sides right now, you'll have a much harder time later, if you have to learn your weak side from ground on, while you'd like to focus in other parts in your stroke.

Yes it does, so it misses the other hand's entry, what we count as a stroke too. It will help, if you count your strokes by yourself, because the garmin is not as exact and +-one and a half stroke doees matter (sometimes).

Enjoy and best regards,
Sorry for my poor explanation, what I was trying to explain is unitaleral breathing, i.e. I always breath on the same side
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