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Hi Werner, Lol - time to get a facebook account. Not difficult to manage or secure despite much of the bad press over the last couple of years. Also - it's convenient to use messenger (part of FB). I can quickly answer questions from squad, swimmers and students on any device avoiding the email barrage. Also - you don't have to have a facebook account to view the facebook page either.

Novaswimmer, Right! Far more tools to use for photos, videos, documents, sharing, messaging - and can reach a much larger audience and connecting other like swimmers from other groups (i.e. my masters team), etc. Fake accounts will always be there, but it's easy to vet the account before adding them to the TI group. And if an added account turns out to be a fake/problem, boot from the group. Page is public for viewing, but must be a member to post and comment. Anyway - we're experimenting and will let you know what and when/if it becomes an official TI discussion platform.


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