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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post

Don't know when the forum started, it is existing since I started with swimming. And it survived and will do (hopefuly) a lot of critcism of TI. And I never heared anyone thinking about to shut it down... as it was the fate of other swim-forums... But after all, it is and should be an open TI-forum...
Hi Werner,

Actually there has been discussion moving TI Forum to a new, up to date platform such as facebook or twitter; we are experimenting with facebook page at the moment. These type of platforms, the posters and commenters are notified when other posts or comments occur so messages donít get lost in the noise and go unanswered. Anonymous/sales users are more easily gleaned out. Also - no added on-prem hardware/software required and no cost to host these pages. Forums are really the pre-social network before facebook, twitter, etc.

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