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I do feel offended by Stuart.
When I discribe my swim perceptions he just laughs and says.. haha so many words..dont overcomplicate things. etc etc.


I have exactly the same. A bit undesive between hip driven and shoulder driven.
When focussing on long strokes the strokes get longer and longer untill there starts to emerge too much gap in propulsion.
Than I switch back to some armthrowing more windmilling stroke and it feel so much smoother/lighter and a fun stroke, but often feels faster than it actually is.
When you hit the best of both worlds (is that possible?) its the best i find at the moment.
Feels likel most continuous flying through the water.

We seem to have more or less the same swim perceptions. Has it someting to do with our basic bodytypes? Maybe fun to compare.
length 180 cm
weight 88kg
ape factor plus 7-9 cm, relatively short legs.
balance: can float horizontal, even when lifting head up, eyes looking forward just at waterline.
Buoyancy. in pencil float test, lungs max filled. water at mouth level.
Shoulder flex. laying face down chin on floor, arms can be lifted until straight horizontal.(10-15 cm from floor)

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