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I would want to add that an excessive cervical lordosis may impair the proper motion "the body" makes a move on its own to realize the required task, a mean to an end. What we do can be quite different from what we think we do.

Fr example the breathing motion but feel like an extension forward of the tip of head while the chin rotate. Pretty much the head alignement should feel connected with the hand that is spearing FORWARD. You are extending forward your neck and head along with the spearing arm and that make "room" for a proper rotation of the chin. You can practice airborn and see how fast it is and why to various extend lots of people "lose" breathing time or have breathing time throwing their stroke out of balance.

Naturally you tend to either rise the head or have the head to back away from the forward motion whereas it is every bit as a forward movement as the whole stroke, you breath "forward" with a rotation, it is connected to the opposite arm/shoulder extension.
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