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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
Thank you everybody for your acknowledgments. They are appreciated. And also Terry for putting the post into a educational context.

I know she pushed/pulled me to my fastest time in 2 years. Now the neatest part. We are both panting very heavily hanging on the wall and our eyes met and she broke out in a face splitting smile and mine did at the same time. She looked to be in rapture and I felt I was. The experience was magnified by the sharing. We said a quiet "nice race" and went on with our day.
Such are the joys of Masters Swim Meets.

Yes, indeed. The joy of being pulled along to a good time is something worth savoring. I can't say I've experienced the joy of being pushed to a good time yet but perhaps one day that will come too.

I'm glad you finally managed to swim in one of your meets, Grant. It is very frustrating to have to withdraw due to extraneous circumstances.

Congratulations on your record and good luck in your quest for more of them.

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