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Originally Posted by cynthcor View Post
I forgot to tell you that this is the end of my 2nd week swimming. It takes me 1:28 to do 50 yards and I can do it 30 laps continuously but I've got to take that breath.
In that case, I'd definately recommned that you forget the notion of "getting to the wall". Swimming 30 laps @ 1:28/50yards may be good for general "conditioning" and getting your blood moving, but it won't help you improve your freestyle technique.

The best way to improve your freestyle technique is to do very brief, specific tasks well. Build on successful movements...create one good stroke before doing 2 or 3. WHen I say "stroke", it may only be a single spearswitch, a single superman glide to skate or a single overswitch.

Without direct visual/coaching feedback it's going to be hard for you to know if you are doing thigs correctly or not. You'll have to start developing a "feel" for when you are doing things well. You should feel very little resistance in the water, like there is very little holding you back from moving forward.

In my private lessons, we don't swim a length of 25 yards except once at the beginning to get some film, and not until the end of lesson 3. I'm not saying we dont swim full stroke...but there's no need to swim to the other wall if the learning point can be made in 3-5 strokes (it can).

Again, I know this is much harder flying posting some video will really help us help you.

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