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global update.

I feel good about my swiming at the moment.
My freestyle is feeling much better, I should time myself one of this day on a 100m (lazyness and and actually a little sacre about what the results would be). I'm correcting my line and I've raised the efficiency of my under water arm movements (the catch was ok, too strong a pull, weak push to a more properly accelerated movement more efficient).

My backstroke has improved too. My arms throughout the pull and the push are staig closer to my core. Here too I've improved the push part of the motion. it's not more demanding actually I've been able to accelerrate the pace of my arm rotating slightly without feeling a change in my level of exercion.

Breaststroke is not feeling that great at the moment. I'm working on my tilted pelvis and I'm doing postural work in and out of the water. Wrt breasstroke it is really tough for me at the momet to resist the torque generated at the recovery by my unbalanced hip flexors. I think it promotes my bad bias, I've a tough controlling it.

Next butterfly, I think the basis are down and it feel pretty fast. Can't sustain it yet but I' feeling progress in relaxation and the efficiency of my arm work from one swimming session to another. I'm in the rewarding part of the learning curve after lots of effort I'm happy with it. It is easier for me to resist the "torque" generated by the arm and leg in butterfly than in breast though if I overdo it (try to force it) or do not pay attention I bend sideway pretty much instantly.
Overall I really like the feel of it and the speed of it.
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