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Originally Posted by whoiscathy View Post
Good for you. I can't sprint to savd my life. I have non-existent catch and I feel real time as I slip. But even if I had good catch I couldn't recover my arms fast enough for sprinting. I feel tremendous tension in my shoulders. Somrtimes so much it almost hurts.
Lucky enough to still have a fair range in my shoulders, compressed nerve C6 to C7 aside.

My shoulders and upper arms hurt a little from about the 150 through to about 300 metres then they settle.

With all due respect to the technicalities of proper swimming, catch to me is keeping the palm facing the wall behind and using as much forearm as possible, from there it's trying to maintain the speed from the push off.

I like to think I've got a good push off, it's one of those crutches you develop to get to the other end before you've attained some swim fitness.

I don't think I'll ever consider swimming to be easy or ever feel truly comfortable doing it but it's been worth the effort.
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