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Hi Ant,

Lol - any video posted on youtube, there's always gonna be that one (or few) with something disparaging to say.

Coach Dave Cameron is now heading up TI training and coaching and working on content. I will bring this to his attention, more coach demo videos and full speed. This will bring perception and reality closer together too. Great idea - thanks.

Re: Jai. Right! Jai's 5'1" and he swims like he's 6'5". Jai and Dave were the fastest swimmers in our group of six coaches. Jai swims around a 1.0 sec per stroke tempo (60 spm) at 1:10/100 pace, comfortably long distance - incredible. One day I may be able to keep up with him (and Dave) - well maybe in my next lifetime :-)

Thanks for the suggestions on demo videos, sending that idea to the top!


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