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Default A Restorative -- but Exacting -- Practice

I've been feeling a bit more tired and achy the last few days. (Perhaps in part because of doing 'effortful' practices two consecutive days last weekend?)

In any case I've not felt up to the exertions of a Main Set focused on my Mile Swim Improvement Project for the last few days. Even so, I had a great practice today while keeping effort between gentle and moderate. Also, because the pool opened at 11:30 and I had a chiropractic appt at 12:30, I had only 40 minutes to swim. It was a great 40 minutes!
18 April 2000y in 40 minutes

4 x 100 EZ Medley (25 each of FR-BK-BR-FR at 12-14-7-13 SPL) on 2:00
4 x 50 BK at 13+14 SPL
3 x 200 EZ Medley (50 each of same strokes and counts)
4 x 50 BR at 7 SPL
3 x 200 EZ Medley (as above)

I descended each of these sets, increasing speed slightly in each repeat, while holding stroke count the same.
After the set of 4 x 50 BK I was looking for the 50 BK on my 200 EZ Medley to feel much better tuned. Ditto for the set of 4 x 50 BR. In both cases I achieved what I was seeking.
Throughout. I was striving to tease out each second of improvement from feeling acutely in tune with the water and my body.
With each repeat and set, my strokes and overall flow felt better and better.

At the end I felt physically and mentally refreshed and energized. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a good day to return to my Improvement Project.
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