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Default Finding My Limits

Sat 6 Apr 3100y in 60 min at SUNY

This is my first update in two weeks -- bcz today was my first pool practice in 15 days. I swam in open water for 7 days at our Kona OW camp, but in the following week have only swum once, for 30 minutes, in the Endless Pool. Partly because I had work to catch up on, but more because a flareup of autoimmune symptoms has left me achy and tired most of the time.

I felt poorly from my first lap, so decided to set modest goals.
1) Short repeats to avoid fatigue.
2) Look for a modest sustainable pace at 13-15 SPL
3) Incrementally increase the distance for which I could hold that pace and SPL.

Set #1 3 rounds of [6 x 50]
On this set, I was looking to find my best effortless pace @ 13+14 strokes.
1-6 on 1:00 - I descended from 48 to 42 sec. with the pace improvement entirely from stroke-tuning, without increasing effort.
7-12 on :55
13-18 on :50
I managed to hold 42 sec and 27 strokes with slightly increased effort on Rd 2, so decided to try decreasing rest interval one more time for a 3rd round. This time I held pace again, but added a stroke here and there. Also felt slightly feverish - which happens when I cross an 'exertion threshold.' When I'm symptomatic, I have to take care to avoid that.

Set #2 2 rounds of [4 x 75]
Rd 1 on 1:15 I held same pace (63 sec for 75y) and SPL. Happy with this.
Rd 2 on 1:10 As on the 50s, when 1st round went well, I tested my luck by adding a round on a slightly faster interval. As happened on the 3rd round of 50s, I held the pace, but SPL went to 15.

Set #3 5 x 100 on 1:40
I eased up the rest interval (1:40/100 is equivalent of 1:15/75). I held same pace (1:24 for 100s = 42 sec for 50s), and avg SPL remained 15. Effort felt OK. Pleased with this.

Set #4 4 x 125 on 2:00/2:10
I set interval a bit tighter at first then needed to ease up after 2 x 125. I did manage same pace (1:45 for 125) and held 15SPL as I had on the 100s. I began to feel more fatigue here -- getting to the edge of unsustainable -- so decided not to push my luck by increasing repeat distance any further.

Summary On today's 'experiment' I found I could hold a pace of 21 sec/25y at an SPL of 14-15 from 50y repeats up to 125y repeats. Though I felt poorly, which limited effort, distance and speed -- and rather achy for some time after this practice -- I was pleased with the rigor and discipline I showed on a difficult day.

If I'm going to be in managing fatigue and inflammation mode for a while--and find it difficult to improve on the initial pace I set for 1650--at least I can learn something about swimming with physical limits.
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