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Hi, the youtube-link didn't work for me, but instead took me to some Micky Mouse video.

I didn't find all that much information about TI fast-forward workshops/training sessions. However, I assume, that they're bringing pace into the equation, while the TI-basics neglect pace to a great extent.
My personal take is: Swimming Pace should indeed be neglected for the first couple triathlons. I must admit that I'm the wrong person to give this advice, because swimming has always been my strongest discipline in triathlon. However, I can definitely give you this piece of advice:
Being in the top 10% of swimmers, but in the worst 10% of cyclists really sucks. :-) It's so much nicer to have it the other way round. In addition, cycling and running have a so much higher impact on your overall result, that you can safely disregard pace for your first triathlon.
Now, pace doesn't seem to by your problem. You say, you're barely able to swim 50 meters disregarding pace.

To me it feels like a great challenge and really interesting to hear, that the TI-method seems broken for you! What I do need to say: If you're taking TI-specific advice from coaches that are not certified TI-coaches, it is kinda unfair to blame the TI-concept. I would rather say, TI-advices from non-TI coaches should be taken on one's own risk.
However, I must also admit that I have heard very critical voices from an experienced TI-coach about the certification process (I'm not a TI-coach myself). So, if you confirmed this critique through your own experience with a certified TI-coach, that should be alarming and even more interesting for the TI-coaches in this forum.

While I'm certainly not in the position to give you technical advice for your swimming, I would like to give you my perspective on the following:
The first goal for your first triathlon should be to get you safe, relaxed and comfortable through the swim leg (in this order). No matter how many coaches you engage, they should all target this goal first. Nothing beats feeling great, fresh and powerful in T1. Feeling dizzy, burnt-out, little sick and short on breath for the sake of a 5 minutes faster swim has a much greater potential of ruining you first triathlon experience.
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