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Hello Jamesgs,

only little thoughts additionally to Inge's, BX's and Tom65's.

Am seeking advise on how to proceed as I am really frustrated.

I have been taking TI lessons or going to weekly Fast Forwards for over 14 months, and am having difficulty making it more than 50 yards without needing a break.
I do believe, but it's hard to do (as a TI-coach), that your story really is a TI-story. (Seems to be more a story of "normal" swim training.) Are you sure, the coaches you worked with are TI-coaches, or are they "normal" coaches telling when have been asked... yes, yes, we do these TI-things also, but... Did you ever had a clam talk with your coaches? I can't imagine, a TI-Coach would give a single advise without any really individual support... and without asking how it worked, and how to go on further...

...and I'm irritated about your Fast Forward - courses. Because TI-FF-courses or TI-Smart Speed-courses are ment for swimmers, who are able to swim at least 100m with relaxed strokes. And from TI's point of view there are several things before that, especially TI-balance and TI-streamline...

If you're really winded after 50m, with your skills described, you must care a lot of unnecessary tension while swimming.

Seems you are a goal-oriented athlete, willing to put time and focus into your way. So I can't imagine the second thing: When in TI you should have worked with several FPs. And I can't imagine that you don't notice any difference before and after mindfully doing some drills/relaxed TI-movements 4000-7000 times...

It just seems the method of learning TI is fundamentally broken for someone who is athletic but not a natural swimmer. I am really beginning to dislike swimming, and it is not for want of trying.
Third thing I can't imagine, because I started my TI-journey in my early sixties am not what you would call an athletic male, but to be shouldn't be a handicap... But maybe, maybe, maybe... we have to accept TI is not the one and only method for everyone... although we're very sure, it's the vey best :-)

Any suggestions?
Only three actually:
- First Charles Couturier (missing his posts here in the forums...), a non TI-Coach, leads one-day courses where he brings everyone (till he posted it) to swim 700m continues FS in one day. His secret is nearly Inge's: SLow down. And his secret to swimmers who couldn't get it on first attempt: Slow down even more!
- Second my TI-hint: Assure yourself, that you're really working with a TI-Coach. And if not too discouraged for now, take a one- or two-days Workshop on TI-foundation led by a TI-mastercoach. Neither other participants nor myself ever said: Nothing found to help me, nothing happened with my stroke/struggle... Maybe, maybe, maybe... you're the very first, then your only chance is to be proud of it being a very singular swimmer. (We're all singular swimmers by our own, but you...)
- Third as Inge wrote: Put a video-link showing your actual stroke in the Forum asking for some advice. (Best would be side-view and front-view, both above and below surface.)

(Where is the effortlessness in this stroke?)
Believe me, it's just before your nose, you only have to find your way to pick it up!

Hope you'll find some encouragement and joy in (TI-)swimming again!

Best regards,

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