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If I'd dropped $1000 (or 713.92) on lessons for ANYTHING and not achieved a certain minimum standard of skill and relaxation, then I'd be pretty annoyed as well.

I've never used a coach. I can swim 1500m with ease now, but I'm 7 years into this. (Age 46, male.) IF I'd paid that much money for coaching, I'd have expected to reach that milestone at least 4x faster. So, I'd say that this is a problem that TI needs to solve for its customers, make no mistake about it,

My personal experience is that I tend to make incremental improvements on a monthly basis. That's the brutally honest reason why I've never paid for a coach. Even tonight, I got entirely new sensations to do with hip drive that I've never felt before. So that keeps me going.

You might be a bit like me. Are you a stress-prone, competitive person? I can't swim a long distance if I have to share a lane. I like to swim next to the wall and breathe towards the wall so that I don't see other swimmers. Everything puts me off. I need everything calm in order to relax a bit.

Let me also say something about the two beat kick (2bk). It's an advanced skill. In fact I'd now say that
the TI swim style is an advanced stroke. I've gone through three phases of trying to get the 2bk down.
I even went through a long period, more than a year, where I could do 2bk whilst breathing to one side, but had to resort to a flutter kick when breathing to the other side. I mention this to try and "humanise" TI and make you realise that a nice, neat, linear progression is not guaranteed.

On a final note, the one practical bit of advice I can give that turned the
corner in my swimming was to ENGAGE GLUTES all the time, but keep KNEES and ANKLES relaxed and DON'T point your toes.
In the TI coaching materials, glutes engagement is mentioned in passing in just one of the DVDs, to my knowledge.
If you have sinking legs, like most blokes, the glutes are a hip extensor, so they straighten and lift the legs, and greatly help prevent unwanted splaying and waggling. In conjunction with that, do you do hip flexor stretches?

From a very mediocre swimmer who took a long, long time to swim any distance.

Got any video you can upload to youtube?

From a swimmer with BMI > 20 and who hates pushing himself into discomfort and "burning lungs"!

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