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Default Frustrated with TI

Am seeking advise on how to proceed as I am really frustrated.

I have been taking TI lessons or going to weekly Fast Forwards for over 14 months, and am having difficulty making it more than 50 yards without needing a break.

Every few weeks I seem to reinvent the stroke based on an occasional comment made by a coach at Fast Forward, only to learn later that my "new" stroke is not TI, and a different coach gives different advise that may or not be something I can build on.

Now, with over 250 hours of dedicated pool-time focused on TI (I am not kidding or exaggerating) and over $1,000 spent, I am really frustrated.

I am otherwise an above-average athlete with a 20 BMI and excellent lungs (and in my early 50's).

It just seems the method of learning TI is fundamentally broken for someone who is athletic but not a natural swimmer. I am really beginning to dislike swimming, and it is not for want of trying.

Any suggestions?

(Where is the effortlessness in this stroke?)
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