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Originally Posted by paznut7 View Post
Hi Bob,

I appreciate you taking time to try to problem solve!
I'm using the swim ultra efficient videos and workbooks. The order of lessons goes:
Superman & Superman w/ glide
Elbow Swing
Paint a line
Hop and Slot
Superman to Skate
Skate + strokes

It does seem like Elbow Swing should come later because at this point, there's been no conversation about skating until much later.

I agree with Werner on this. TI has varied the sequence in which drills are introduced over the years because different sequences work better for different people. There are a number of reasons why I've seen swimmers have trouble bringing their elbow out of the water during recovery: Some swimmers are gliding too far under the water, and that can happen because their body is not horizontal. Others have trouble doing it because their body isn't rotated enough.

I'd suggest that you proceed to the Superman to Skate lesson and try coming back to these drills afterward.

Let us know how you're doing!

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